Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome to iTAG Equipment! We understand that you may have questions about our commercial trailers and services. Here are some common queries answered for your convenience. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to our friendly customer support team. We're here to make your experience with iTAG Equipment seamless and enjoyable!

We are a nationwide platform and marketplace for semi-trailers and have been in business for the past 13 years, helping equipment owners and dealers sell their semi-trailers. We hold a dealer's license in Texas to help facilitate getting deals across the finish line. We put a small markup above the seller's asking price to negotiate with potential buyers and turn a profit—pretty simple business model. We make our money in volume by building relationships with buyers and sellers across the country. Our advertising approach and marketing network reach buyers and sellers nationwide that wouldn't be reached without our approach. We advertise online and offline, in gyms, on strategic nationwide interstate billboard placements, and on social media, and we have an organic search engine reach that rivals the best aggregate advertisers in the nation for semi-trailers.


ITAG does not sell any trailers as coming with a warranty. All trailers are sold "As Is, Where Is" with no warranty or guarantee options currently offered.

If there is a trailer you are looking to buy and finance, the easiest way is to click the green button that is on every listing that says "Financing Starts at." That will lead you to a short application and get you in touch with one of our finance partners at Taycor Financial. This application is a soft pull, and Taycor will reach out to you with the next steps. You are also welcome to bring your own financing options to the table. There is no commercial finance company that we have not worked with at this point. We are confident we can work with any nationwide lender.

On each listing, under the price is the City and State where the trailers are located. Most of our deals are private party deals that we administer the sale of. In which the trailers are bought off of pictures and videos. So, these trailers are located all throughout the United States.

If the trailer is at our Fort Worth, Texas location, then yes, not a problem! None of the trailers that are not at our yard in Fort Worth are available for viewing, and the deals are done off of pictures and video. If you would like any more pictures, videos, or information, you can reach out to us, and we can work on getting those uploaded to the listing for your viewing. We have this indicated on each listing, clearly representing which deals are private party deals that we administer the sale of and which ones are not.

- Check out all of our finance questions here.

You can call our main sales line at 800-895-1845. One of our sales team members can help you out, and if you give them the MLS Number listed on the trailer or the year, make, and model, that you are interested in and some basic contact information, we can discuss what all you need to be a buyer and email a quote out to you.

The payment types we typically accept are bank-to-bank transfers; on all of our quotes, we have the contact info for our accounting department. They can forward you the Account Info on where to send funds for the trailer. We do vet and qualify our customers. We don't just send our payment instructions to anyone. You must have accurate info and sound, look, and feel like a buyer.

No, we prefer not to accept checks as they take ten Business days to clear. Thus delaying the deal for that time. Checks do not hold trailers or equipment; equipment can be sold while we wait for funds to clear. As such, we encourage bank-to-bank transfers for speedy payment and our ability to close the deal for you in a timely manner.


We don't charge you any money. There is no listing fee, no percentage, and no contract that locks you into only selling with us like an auction does. We don't take away your ability to sell it on your own. If you sell it before we do, we simply ask you to let us know, and we'll remove the listing. You don't owe us any money if you sell it before we do. It's truly no cost to you. We structure it this way in hopes of building relationships with folks and us being the first place you think of if and when you want to buy or sell a semi-trailer. How do we make money? We make our money by putting a small markup above your asking price that allows us some room to negotiate with buyers as well as make a profit. If we don't sell the trailer, we don't make any money, plain and simple. A true performance-based model that should earn your vote of confidence in dealing with a company that believes that much in its team, marketing reach, and capability to close deals.

We are a top-tier semi-trailer-specific website catering to a ten-year-old or newer semi-trailer market and are well known across the marketplace as a site that carries higher-quality equipment showcased by a highly reputable platform. On top of that, a high-powered Nationwide Marketing reach with billboard ads along interstates stretching from Florida to Texas, reaching 10 million drivers each week. Our billboards are strategically placed along highly trucker-traveled interstate routes. We advertise in three local Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, gyms hosting basketball and volleyball games, attracting a wealthy family demographic that adds an additional 3-5 million potential buyers annually. Our online reach is even better with 1st-page placement on almost any semi-trailer keyword that people type in nationwide. Chances are, if you do a Google search for your type of trailer, you'll see ITAG Equipment littered across page 1. Combined with our ad placement and video reach on platforms like X.com, Facebook, and YouTube, we further our reach by targeting millions more from the social network side of things. Lastly, we have been in business for 13 years with hundreds of thousands of trucking contacts. Our staff makes over 3,000 dials a day, 6 days a week, that's 18,000 dials each week, contacting people in the trucking industry to see if they are in the market for a semi-trailer and driving that traffic to our website to shop!

Financing. Over the past 13 years, we've established a reliable network of lenders who do an incredible job getting people approved for financing to buy the trailers we have listed. We've been able to custom-curate special programs with specific commercial lenders that offer speed to funding and flexibility to our customers that other trailer dealers simply don't have the same access to. If you have a buyer and want our help getting them financed, we can also help you with that. All of this allows us to tap into a market and set of buyers that continue to drive our ability to get deals across the finish line faster than most individual sellers and dealers could do on their own.

Once we have a deal completed and all parties agree on a number, we will contact you for an invoice, your payment instructions, and the payoff letter as well (if needed). We do a bank-to-bank transfer of funds (Wire or ACH/Direct Deposit) to finalize the deal. Once you confirm you have received all the money, we ask you to mail the title to us. As we are a licensed dealer in Texas, we can't jump the title. So, we need you to mail us the title for us to reassign it to the next owner properly. The trailer nor the title leaves your possession until you are paid.

There are 3 things we need to have to get your trailer listed for sale.

  1. Signed Ad Agreement: It is not a binding contract, just an advertising agreement, and since we don't own the trailer, the Texas Licensing Authority requires that we have a signed ad agreement on file for each trailer we have listed. You sign a simple one-page document to give us permission to advertise your trailer across our marketing network. It'll clearly state, in plain English, no crazy lawyer lingo, that you don't relinquish your ability to sell, you aren't locked into only selling with us, and you don't owe us any money to list and sell the trailer. You are simply authorizing us to advertise your trailer across our marketing network. That is all.
  2. Title Copies: We have to have clear, legible title copies on file, showing all four corners, of the front and back of the title. These can be pictures or scans or even in black and white. Most titles, when put on an actual scanner, come up black and white with "Void" watermarks in the background to indicate that the title is, in fact, a copy. There are two reasons we need copies of the title; firstly, we have to be able to verify who the rightful owner of the trailer is and ensure that the person we are paying for the trailer is the owner of the trailer, as well as we must verify that the trailer is not salvaged, as we do not sell salvage trailers. Secondly, due to the financing aspect of selling a trailer, our lenders require copies of the title to verify the chain of ownership of the trailer so they know that we can properly reassign the title to a new buyer and lienholder.
  3. Clear Pictures and Video of the Trailer High-quality visuals of the trailer are key to getting deals across the finish line. The more pictures and videos, the better; we cannot stress the importance of sending high-quality media, showing the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Texas License Authority (TxDMV) requires licensed dealers to have a signed Advertising agreement and Title Copies on file for every titled vehicle listed for sale that is not directly owned and on-site with us. In our view, this is a really good policy, as it protects all parties involved, from the customer to you and us. Having this info ensures that we are dealing with the rightful owner of the equipment and not supporting any fraudulent or stolen equipment. Our buyers trust us to do our due diligence on each unit we represent, and all of this helps maintain our presence as a trusted online source for high-quality trailers for sale.

Taking and sending high-quality pictures is one of the most important ways to sell trailers. We need a good representation of the trailer all around, underneath, inside/deck, wheels, brakes, tires, VIN tag, and all the accessories that come with the trailer. Attached is a list of photos needed

Photo List:

  • Exterior (All Sides of the trailer)
  • Deck (Photos showing the deck and any potential damage)
  • Accessories (Anything coming with the trailer, Ex. Toolboxes, Ramps, etc.)
  • King Pin Plate
  • Frame (Pictures of the frame on either side showing any cracks or damage)
  • Crossmembers (Pictures running down the frame showing the cross members
  • Suspension & Axles (Pictures of the front and rear suspension and axles)
  • Wheels
  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • VIN Tag

Sample Listings

Dry Van

Drop Deck Trailer

Flatbed Trailer

Gooseneck Trailer

Lowboy Trailer

Reefer Trailer

Sending photos and video can be tricky as normal phone SMS (Text) will shrink the file of your photos if sent multiple at a time and make the photos blurry. The two best and easiest ways to send photos are via iMessage and WhatsApp. But there are other options that work as well.


If you have an iPhone, the best way to send your photos and videos is iPhone to iPhone and iMessage while connected to WiFi. Talk to your vendor rep at ITAG, and they can send you an iPhone number to send your photos to.


If you have an Android, WhatsApp is your best option for sending photos and videos. WhatsApp is a messaging app owned by Facebook that allows you to send photos at source quality. Talk to your ITAG vendor rep; they can send you a WhatsApp number to send your photos and videos.


Send us photos through the telegram app @ITAGEQUIPMENT.

Google Drive

If iMessage and WhatsApp don't work for you, Google Drive could be an option for you. For Google Drive, you will have to make a folder on Google Drive, upload the photos and videos to that folder, and then share the folder with the ITAG vendor rep you were working with.

Yes, a lien on the trailer has no effect on its ability to be sold. We will just ask for the payoff letter once we have a deal on the trailer. We will split the funds between you and the lienholder to satisfy the lien and then pay the remaining portion to your account.

Very Rarely will ITAG Send someone out to look at your trailer. On occasion, ITAG will send out a third-party inspection service or a GPS installer to inspect the trailer if that is a condition of a customer getting a loan. GPS installs don't mean the deal is near the finish line but are purely a function of the finance process. We see many deals get to this stage and fall apart, but they can be part of the process from time to time. If and when we do, we will coordinate with all parties to ensure everyone is aware of what we are doing and when to expect to see someone on site. We take your privacy and security seriously and do our very best to coordinate these interactions as meticulously as possible.

If ITAG is asking to install a GPS on a trailer, a customer is interested, and financing requires a GPS install as part of the approval process to purchase the trailer potentially. Customers do have to meet certain conditions before getting approved. One of the stipulations can be installing a GPS; most of the time, these GPS devices are magnetized and attached to a cross-member underneath the trailer, making for an easy installation process.

We do our best to blur out all personal information on photos and videos, such as license plates, logos, faces, and other personally identifiable information. This is not a guarantee, but we spend considerable time trying our best to blur personally identifiable information.

The sale timeline depends on many factors like price, representation, season, and much more. The combination of representation and the price are the biggest dials to turn when it comes to the speed of selling a trailer. We wish we had a crystal ball here and could give you an exact day and time, but we don't. We can guarantee that we'll work hard for all buyers and sellers to launch deals through the goalpost!


ITAG Coordinates the shipping/pickup of the trailer. The two biggest ways that the trailers get picked up is a Customer Pick-Up, which means the new owner has elected to pick up the trailer themselves and save money on the shipping of the trailer, or the new owner of the trailer has elected to have the trailer shipped to them, which is done by ITAG posting the trailer to five different load boards and screening carriers until we find a suitable driver for the trip. ITAG then coordinates with the pickup and drop-off locations to get the trailer to its intended destination to ensure a smooth shipping process.

We have 2 different shipping options available

  1. Power Only: Our power-only shipping option is available on all types of trailers we sell; this option is usually the faster, more expensive option. The driver goes to the trailer, picks it up, and pulls it straight to you. Typically this option, to ensure a fast pickup, is quoted at $2-$3 a mile in high-market areas and can reach as high as $3-$4 a mile on the trailers that are in more rural areas, where loads in and out are harder to come by. More specialty trailers, around $3 a mile, are also recommended. Shipping trailers isn't a one-size-fits-all type of deal, so rates change with the markets. Weather, driver availability, load availability, desirability, seasonality, size, weight, dimensions, and more play a factor in shipping rates and speed.
  2. Load Out: Our Load Out shipping option is our cheaper, slower shipping option. This option allows the carrier to take the trailer, use it, and load it to make money, allowing for a lower shipping cost. This option is slower and more cost-effective; usually, $1,500 will cover most load-out shipments in high-market desired areas. At times it could cost more or less. Our goal isn't to knock your block off on shipping rates but to offer them at cost to maximize the speed of delivery times.


Once you have received money from ITAG, you would sign the “Signature of Seller/Agent” and Printed name next to it

Once you have been paid by ITAG, we ask you to send your title, via FedEx, or UPS to 101 Summit Ave — Suite 104, Fort Worth, TX 76102. And Provide ITAG with a Tracking number