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What is the best way to sell my semi truck, trailer or equipment? A question with many options depending on what you are looking to accomplish. If you are looking to sell super quick on a cash deal basis, then many dealers are "check writers" meaning they have the cash and can give you the money for it same day. The amount they offer usually isn't an attractive price, but it is quick money. Dealers aren't able to pay top dollar for equipment then turn around and sell it for an even higher price. So while dealers who can offer you cash today are good for a quick sale, it might not be at the price you were looking to get.

If you are the gambling type and like to take your chances while minimizing your liability, then auctions could be another great source to get your equipment sold. Auction sales do have a few drawbacks as well when it comes to selling your trucks, trailers or equipment. You have the cost of taking your commercial trucks and semi-trailer to the auction also the cost of picking it up if it doesn't sell and the fees they charge to get it sold. You could put a reserve price on it in hopes you at least get a minimum amount that you want for it, or if your reserve price is too high, then it might not be sold. You can roll the dice and let it go for whatever it goes for is always another option also. One good thing about an auction is it usually limits all of your liability in the sale and is why many large trucking companies choose to sell their equipment through an auction. If you sell through the right dealer who has an indemnification clause in their purchase agreement, then your liability would be limited that way as well. If it's a regular Joe dealer with basic as-is; where-is terms then you could still be held liable years later if a catastrophic wreck happens. In Texas, you are allowed to sue everyone in the chain of custody going back to the manufacturer and any owners in that chain. Texas likely isn't the only state that's allowed in so liability of the sale can be a significant factor too.

Selling your semi truck, trailer or equipment via one of the many online advertising sites is also another great option that many people use. This method usually cost a very minimal amount for a lot of exposure on a single unit or two being advertised. Benefits here can be having more control over the sale, whom you are selling it to and higher chances of getting the price you want. You'll need to take good pictures and list the specifications as accurately as possible so that your item shows up in search results as well as to make it as attractive to viewers as possible. The more clicks you can get on your listing the more engagement you'll likely receive. Higher user views will lead to more opportunity to sell your semi-trailer, truck or equipment. If you are good at talking to people, dealing with tire kickers, helping people through the finance process and a halfway decent sales person with the time to answer all the calls and emails, then this could be a good option for you. Liability on the sale and after the sale would squarely fall on you this way as well so accurately and honestly representing what you have is important and knowing what to put in your sales agreement is very important too! With any option, chances are it will take some time and effort on your part.

Selling through ITAG Equipment is another excellent option as well. Through the below form you can submit some basic info and pics, and we'll work with you to get the rest of what's needed to make the best listing possible. We can help you with the pricing in what our opinion would sell sooner rather than later. We do believe in accurately and honestly representing everything we sell to the best of our ability so that our customers don't have any surprises and know as much as they can about what they are buying. We can also buy outright if you don't have the time it takes to sell on the open market. What we can offer for a cash deal today might be less than you would ideally like to get but would be a quick deal for you. All of our purchase agreements include indemnification clauses that limit your and our liability in the sale if a future unfortunate event should occur. Our well-written purchase contracts give you a layer of added protection so to speak. If we have good pictures, videos, specifications, and price, then we usually can sell those items within 30 days or less. If you want a higher rate then the time it takes to sell usually takes longer. We handle the sale from start to finish. From the marketing on our social media pages to Google and across public aggregate advertising sites we work through it all. The sales process of answering phone calls, emails, text, follow up and hand holding through finance stages is all handled in a very meticulous fashion. Our sales team which is powered by multiple processes and high powered systems that keep us in front of our customers and engaged from start to finish. Our finance teams are always on standby to run approvals and get deals completed. Our shipping department delivers 10-30 units or more every week and highly skilled while working 6-7 days a week with drivers providing semi trucks, semi-trailers, and equipment all over the world. One size doesn't fit all, and we aren't saying that we are the best option nor are we saying that the many other options are better than another. There are pros and cons to selling your equipment, but we will work hard to earn your trust and your business whether you are buying or selling give us a shot with filling out the below form.

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We work incredibly hard to showcase everything we have for sell as accurately and honestly as possible. The more details, specs, info and pictures we can get from you the better it helps our decision to buy as well as our ability to sell


Today's market place is mainly a click and eyeballs market. The better pictures you can provide make a HUGE impact on our decision to buy. Photos should have the whole unit in the picture from all angles. Close up photos should be reserved for tires, brakes, engine or vin numbers, etc. We cannot stress enough the importance of having good quality photos!


While a picture is worth a thousand words a video can be much more valuable. Showcasing a working piece of equipment whether it be hydraulics, an engine, a tarp system or any moving parts is priceless! Seeing is believing and videos can have a powerful impact in a world that is increasingly buying more and more online!


Having and using leverage at the right time and in the right places can move mountains! Leveraging our entire sales floor, financing, shipping network, systems, processes and more to help get your equipment moved is a no brainer. If we cannot agree on price to buy outright then leveraging our platform to get it sold cost you nothing. Never has and never will!