Used Hopper / Grain Trailers For Sale

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Grain Hopper trailers are commonly used in the farming, agricultural and oilfield industries. Farmers use grain hopper trailers to help harvest their crop and transport it from the field to the silos or mills or marketplace to sale. The oilfield industry has put grain hopper trailers to use for hauling frac sand.

Grain hopper trailers are made out of steel or aluminum. Aluminum material is being used more and more due to the lighter weight it provides. Steel hopper trailers are heavier duty and used more in the field along rougher terrains. Truckers in America have 80,000 pounds of gross weight that is allowed. So the weight of the truck plus trailer plus cargo inside trailer has to be at or under 80,000 pounds. Aluminum material allows for a lighter weight trailer and able to haul more pounds of cargo. Above 80,000 pounds, overweight permits and more axles are typically needed. The axle spread on trailers can help distribute the weight as well as adding additional axles. Grain hopper trailers have either spread axles or closed fixed axle spacing for the most part. Tarps play an important role in keeping the material inside the hoppers dry and from losing any cargo while transporting over the road. Trailer tarps can vary from electric or manual and is driver preference on which type of tarps are chosen. There are Ag hoppers and standard hoppers both of which play a vital role in the grain hopper market.

Ag hoppers provide the driver with more ground clearance and typically have standard size trap doors. The standard grain hopper trailers have two different types of trap doors. You have standard trap doors and the commodity trap doors which are larger and provide faster offload of material. Standard grain hopper trailers usually sit closer to the ground. Grain hopper trailers usually have two hopper compartments to store material in that are cone or funnel shaped. Grain hopper trailers come in many variations and sizes from air ride suspension to spring ride suspension to LxWxH. You can accessorize your hopper trailer with vibrators on the side of each hopper to assist in off load of material.

Air scales can be installed on hopper trailers to assist with knowing the amount of payload being loaded while in the field. Grain hopper trailers can be very seasonal and are often not used all year long. Whatever your grain hopper trailer needs are we carry many different styles and brands that include Timpte, Wilson, Cornhusker, Drake, CPS and many others. Timpte and Wilson are considered the top two brands when purchasing a grain hopper trailer. ITAG Equipment can install vibrators and air scales if needed. Let us know what size you need, your budget and we will work hard to find a grain hopper trailer that will work for you.