Used End Dump Trailers For Sale

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End Dump Trailers are vital to the economy in many ways. From hauling dirt to helping build roads, homes, and infrastructure to carrying away debris when a bad storm hits. Various different types and styles of end dump trailers to pick from. The three broad categories range from belly or bottom dump trailers to side dump trailers to regular end dump trailers.

The bottom or belly dump trailers usually have a single compartment that holds the cargo and dumps the material from the belly of the trailer. Depending on the dump gate and driver ability will allow for a trucker to spread the rock, sand, gravel or other types of material in a more concise and controlled spread. Belly dumps are good for construction of roads, lease roads, driveways and many other use cases. Side dump trailers are more accessible compared to an end dump as they dump the material from the side.

Side dump trailers are good for tight spaces where an end dump trailer wouldn’t fit as well from a height perspective. Side dump trailers are also more stable in softer or off-road terrain areas where an end dump trailer would be more susceptible to tipping over or sinking. Used end dump trailers are widely used in the construction, demolition and agricultural landscape. They provide a versatile vessel to move dirt, rock, gravel, sand, cuttings, peanuts, fertilizer and many other types of material. End dump trailers are the most common dump trailers found across the marketplace but come in many different styles and sizes. Styles to include half round end dumps, v bottom end dumps, wedge end dumps and box style end dump trailers. There are many different types of styles from the dimensions to axle spacing to frame length to the material the end dump trailer is comprised of. Steel or aluminum are the main materials used to build end dump trailers. Steel provides a heavy duty composition for the hardest of jobs. Steel end dump trailers come in different levels of steel thickness, hardness and durability depending on the application and material needing to be hauled.

Aluminum end dump trailers provide a lightweight, versatile and durable end dump trailer as well. Aluminum material is being widely used across the manufacturing spectrum for trailers of all kinds. Half round end dump trailers are good for demolition, scrap, big rocks, riff-raff and other materials. Half round end dump trailers typically perform better when dumping as it’s cornerless and allows for the material to dump out easier. V bottom and wedge end dump trailers have a v or wedge shape to the box and also provide a smoother performance when dumping. Box style end dump trailers are shaped like a box and are widely used in the marketplace. Box end dumps provide more capacity as the size of the tub is larger, sides of the wall are taller and width of the bottom area is wider. The lengths of all end dump trailers tend to vary from as short as 20ft to as long as 40ft.

The size of trailer needed is based on the user application. The different frame types for end dump trailers vary from a frameless dump trailer to a quarter frame to a full frame trailer. Frameless end dump trailers provide a lighter solution to dumping needs but the stability can be less than other frame types depending on suspension and geometry of how it is built. Quarter frame end dump trailers have more frame underneath the trailer that covers the axle area and provides more stability and a lighter option than a full-frame trailer. Full frame trailers can provide great stability when dumping but are heavier than a quarter frame or frameless style dump trailer. A lot of trucking companies look for end dump trailers where all 8 tires stay on the ground when dumping as this provides the most stability and less risk of tipping the trailer over. Most quarter frame end dump trailers that have the v-shaped draft arms going towards the axle area allow for all 8 tires to stay on the ground when dumping. Frameless end dump trailers with a center point suspension offer all 8 tires to stay on the ground depending on how the stop blocks or jack legs are set up.

Full frame trailers usually have the wheels that stay on the ground as well. Five to ten years from now all tires staying on the ground across end dump trailers made could be the standard or what constitutes an end dump trailer where the axles stay on the ground could change. If buying and need a trailer where all the tires stay on the ground the best thing to do would be to get a picture or video with the trailer dumping so you can be for sure you are buying what you need. End dump trailers where the tires stay on the ground are desirable for the stability provided but the terrain and softness of the ground you are dumping on would be a major consideration for the driver when dumping. Whatever your dump trailer needs are let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to get you what you want. We carry a wide selection of belly dump trailers, side dump trailers and end dump trailers.