2018 Lamar 40ft Gooseneck Trailer - 10,000Lb Axles, Beavertail & Ramps

2018 Lamar 40ft Gooseneck Trailer - 10,000Lb Axles, Beavertail & Ramps
2018 Lamar 40ft Gooseneck Trailer - 10,000Lb Axles, Beavertail & Ramps
2018 Lamar 40ft Gooseneck Trailer - 10,000Lb Axles, Beavertail & Ramps
2018 Lamar 40ft Gooseneck Trailer - 10,000Lb Axles, Beavertail & Ramps
2018 Lamar 40ft Gooseneck Trailer - 10,000Lb Axles, Beavertail & Ramps
2018 Lamar 40ft Gooseneck Trailer - 10,000Lb Axles, Beavertail & Ramps
Sale Price
$20,990.00 USD
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Product Description

2018 Lamar 40ft Gooseneck Trailer

Steel Frame
Wood Floor
Tandem Axle
10K Axles
Beavertail & Ramps
235/80R16 Tires
Steel Wheels
**Equipment on Unit not Included in Sale**
*The compatibility between the hitch size of the trailer and the ball size on your truck is your responsibility. If we don’t have any specific specifications listed that you need to make your business work, ask us to get the information for you before you purchase. We realize the most common is 2 and 5/16 ball but at times there are other sizes.
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Price: $20,990

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer Lamar
MLS Number11104067
Weight & Dimensions
Length40 ft.
Width102 in.
Body & Chassis
Floor TypeWood Floor
Number of Rear AxlesTandem
Axle TypeFixed
Wheels & Brakes
Wheel TypeAll Steel
# of Tires8
Addons & Upfits