2020 ITAG King Pin Set - Remove and replace your trailer king pin

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$1,025.00 USD
Located in Fort Worth, TX, US

Product Description

Repair or remove and replace your trailer kingpin if it is damaged or rusted out. Includes removal of the old plate and kingpin and installation of a new plate and new kingpin. Any additional welding, cutting, cross-member removal, and replacement would be at an additional charge and would have to be quoted on-site at our location in Boyd, TX. 

Price: $1,025

Product Specifications

Manufacturer ITAG
Stock NumberSpecials
MLS Number9970213
Part & Attachment Details
Fits To ManufacturerFontaine, Transcraft, Utility, Dorsey, Doonan, Reinke, and more.
Fits To Model48x102, 53x102, 45x102, 48x96, 45x96, etc