Used Day Cab Semi Trucks For Sale

Unfortunately, there are no Day Cab Semi Trucks right now.


New and used day cab trucks serve a wide selection of applications nationwide. The need for day cab trucks can verify depending on the application, terrain, distance and many other factors. Large companies such as FedEx or UPS use day cab semi trucks for short runs to and from terminals or local deliveries that require shorter wheelbase trucks and tighter turning radius to get in and out of constricted locations. Day cab trucks come in a variety of different specifications and options such as single axle day cabs or with a wet kit for hauling trailers that operate hydraulic systems like an end dump trailer.

Shorter wheelbase or single axle semi truck configurations help trucking companies who have to pick up or deliver into locations with limited space available for parking or getting in or out such as gas stations, city terminals, and residential drop-offs. Day cab trucks play an essential role in the construction industry when hauling end dump trailers, belly dump trailers or picking up / dropping off equipment rented. Day cab trucks don't have a sleeping compartment and are used for day operation applications mostly. If you are hauling heavy machinery, you might need a bigger motor and higher horsepower truck configuration to withstand the heavy weight that pulling heavy equipment machines require. Semi Truck accessory options like wet line kits and blowers assist with pneumatic or hydraulic operating semi-trailers that you'll see outfitted on the truck depending on the customer needs. Used day cab trucks can be converted into cab and chassis trucks, dump trucks or customized to meet a specific use case.

Front and rear axle ratings, distance from the end of the cab to end of the frame, double or single framed and wheelbase could all be necessary configuration requirements depending on the trucking companies load or customer needs. There are many options, manufacturers and configurations to think about before purchasing a new or used day cab truck and if you are unsure about what you might need, please give us a call. Let us know what you are using it for, type of loads hauled, typical weight and size of loads, miles ran each week and we can custom curate a list of trucks that we think might best suit your trucking company needs. We work hard to get our customers comfortable with their purchase and trying to make sure we get our customers in the right truck and trailer combination based on your needs. If we don't have what you need, we can locate it or refer you to another dealer who might have a better option than what we have at that time. Whether you are looking for day cab, sleeper, cab and chassis, dump truck or a semi trailer we carry a wide range of equipment inventory and knowledgeable staff to help you in all buying stages.